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Every hunter and every hunt is different. From the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to the plains of Oklahoma to the deep timber of the Northeast, each hunter is faced with a set of unique and exciting challenges specific to that individual. No matter how far apart hunters may be though, as you examine the true motivations of hunters as a whole, regardless of what type of hunter he or she is, similarities arise time and time again. The focus of this series is to explore what is at the true core of hunting, capturing stories that don’t promote the ending but instead take you along for the journey of each of the steps, failures, successes, adventures and thrills that make up hunting. Whether it’s sharing that precious commodity we call time with friends and loved ones, seeking truly lean and organic meat, or ensuring the future of hunting, fishing and natural resources for future generations, this series will explore the adventures of hunters across America. Come along for the ride as we explore their stories, motivations and adventures to see what truly makes up The Heart of Hunting.

Meet the Team


Steve Frith

Steve was raised on a farm near Devils Lake, ND where he was introduced to waterfowl and deer hunting. Soon the whitetail deer hunting addiction began and after spending hours in the stand Steve has been able to kill several deer over the years with his best scoring 172″ gross. Later, Steve borrowed his Father’s camcorder to film his friends adventures. The adventures moved further West and the videos turned into professional productions. Steve has filmed several hunts across across the west, producing high quality photos and films. Recently, Steve was recognized for his Montana archery elk hunt film called Restless Night that receiving Top 10 in the Western Big Game category of the Outdoor Film Festival & Tour.

Shayne Vander Wal

Shayne was born and raised in North Dakota by a Father and Grandfather who loved the outdoors. It didn’t take long for Shayne to catch on and spend hours outdoors with them. From shooting his first turkey at 11 years old to his first deer at 14 years old, Shayne has always pursued new challenges and new types of hunting. He continues to adventure into different states each year, most recently Colorado. Over the last 3 years, Shayne has begun filming his hunting adventures to document the trips and share them with the hunting community. Currently he lives in Richardton, ND and works in the oilfield while enjoying the upland bird, turkey, whitetail, and mule deer hunting of western North Dakota.

Mark Guinup

Born and raised in Woodhull, NY, a small upstate town that you’d be lucky to find on a map, Mark Guinup grew up chasing whitetail in the woods with his family. Mark brought his passion to Oklahoma where he met his fiancé Chelsea and began a family with their two sons, Riley and Creed. There’s no off-season for them as they continuously look to improve the quality of hunting and manage the land to produce giant Midwest whitetail bucks. As his family grows, he focuses his attention to spending time in the field with them and capturing it all on camera. As a full-time pharmacist by trade, Mark balances life well and captures the spirit of what a positive impact hunting can have on a family by bring everyone together.

Shawn Reimers

Good dude.