B(ewe)tiful Day | A Bighorn Sheep Hunt

B(ewe)tiful Day | A Bighorn Sheep Hunt


With a desire to go on a sheep hunt and understanding the odds of a ram tag in the lower 48 were slim, Shayne decided to put in for an ewe tag. After researching I landed on the Missouri River breaks of Montana. With easy river access to thousands of acres of sheep country it seemed like the perfect spot. On the second year of applying, he drew the tag and by his surprise he was going sheep hunting. The only concern was having enough time as they had only 4 days available in their schedule. The months of waiting were finally over when September arrived and they pulled the boat en route to Montana.

Filmed & Produced By Steve Frith

Music Licensed Under Creative Commons:
Might For Every Meal By RW Smith
Marathon Man by Audionautix
Hitman by Kevin MacLeod
Heartland by Silent Partner

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