Unanswered Prayers | A Whitetail Deer Season

For several years a legendary old buck named Johnny Cash has captured the local communities attention. A well known “secret” Johnny was a hot commodity in November. This short film documents the Guinup family’s three year quest for the mega-giant. Johnny had become the Guinup’s obsession from where to hang trail cameras to which trees to hang stands in for the perfect wind. This film documents years of unanswered prayers and the silver-linings that followed from the quest for this buck of a lifetime. Follow along as the final chapter to the story Johnny Cash is etched into history.

Filmed and Produced By Mark Guinup & Steve Frith

Music Licensed Under Creative Commons:
Reach For Success by Scott Holmes
humm ok by Gablé
Olivia by Hyson
Blank Holes by Jingle Punks
Santo Rico by Twin Musicom
Cylinder Five by Chris Zabriskie
It's Coming by Josh Kirsch
Reasons to Smile by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena
Sugar Pines by Wes Hutchinson

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